The famous Brandy DOC Lourinhã is produced in the western region of Portugal. It has unique attributes and is classified as PDO Lourinhã (or DOC Lourinhã, in Portuguese) (1) – Protected Denomination of Origin. This type of drink is obtained by distillation from wine, and this process gives it distinctive characteristics.

In this Demarcated Region, it is necessary to respect a set of rules and criteria that guarantee the constant quality of the brandy over the years. From the cultivation of the vines to the vinification, fermentation, distillation, aging, bottling, and labeling, everything must be done in the region.

Lourinhã is integrated in the Lisbon’s wine area (2) and is the only Demarcated Region of brandies in Portugal and one of the three European regions that produce wine spirits, together with Cognac and Armagnac. Here you will find friendly people, sea cliffs, several beaches, green fields, and you will be very close to the Portuguese capital.